Heritage Emergency Fund

Thanks to players of the National Lottery, Clapham Film Unit is in the process of organising all the heritage we have gathered over the last 12 years onto modern hard drives. These hard drives will be deposited with  local and National Archives, following the latest digital preservation guidelines. This will make the heritage available for researchers and everyone else in the long term. We have been experimenting with different ways of gathering and sharing heritage, using remote recording, posting booklets with return envelopes, online resources  and film festivals and animation.

Image Gallery

  • We will be sharing some of the heritage gathered, using social distancing, following guidelines to avoid the spread of the virus, at an event at Deptford Market, part of Bringing the Archive to Life in October.
  • We are also making a postcard book of all the films to share with our friends and supporters – coming soon
  • This work would have been impossible without the support of the Heritage Emergency Fund and players of the National Lottery.